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Walma van der Molen, Juliette

Walma van der Molen, Juliette


Juliette Walma van der Molen, born in Delft, The Netherlands, in 1967. Ph.D. from Leiden University, The Netherlands. Professor of Science Education and Talent Development at University of Twente.

NSvP-Fellow (1 Sept 2016 – 31 Jan 2017)

Towards a new Framework for 21st Century Learning and Talent Development

Research Question

Which ‘21st century’ or advanced skills, attitudes and motivations need to be developed amongst youngsters to prepare them for a future that demands increasing flexibility and life-long learning? And what short and long-term educational and pedagogical changes can and should be made to foster pupils’ talents and skills beyond the current standard educational programs and summative testing procedures?

Project Description

Do we provide today’s pupils with the knowledge and skills that they need in an increasingly technology-driven and flexible labour market? Although this question has stirred up a growing scientific and societal debate, we still lack a clear picture of what types of ‘qualities’ are most important for so-called 21st-century learning and how such qualities could be developed effectively in education. Based on multidisciplinary research (e.g., science education, educational psychology, creativity, and 21st-century skills literature), during my time at NIAS I will work on a new framework that explicates the skills, attitudes, motivations, and mindsets that may be most effectively fostered through education and I will research what pedagogical changes and types of school development would be necessary for effective implementation.

Selected Publications

1)  Tuijl, van C., & Walma van der Molen, J.H. (2016). Study choice and career development in STEM fields: An overview and integration of the research. International Journal of Technology and Design Education. 26 (2), 159-183.

2)  Aalderen-Smeets, van, S.I., & Walma van der Molen, J.H. (2015). Improving primary teachers’ attitudes toward science by attitude-focussed professional development. Journal of Research in Science Teaching. DOI: 10.1002/tea.21218

3)  Walma van der Molen, J.H., & van Aalderen-Smeets, S.I. (2013). Investigating and stimulating primary teachers’ attitudes towards science: Summary of a large-scale research project. Frontline Learning Research, 1 (2), 3-11.

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