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Vliet, Liesbeth van 1

Vliet, Liesbeth van

L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Fellow

Nocebo-effects of information-provision and communication in serious illness

This project will develop a better understanding of how information-provision and communication in serious illness (e.g. advanced cancer) can hurt patients, and how such negative effects (i.e. nocebo-effects) might be minimized. Nocebo-effects are all negative effects on patient outcomes due to the context in which care is delivered (e.g. clinicians’ words) contrary to the medical-technical intervention (e.g. pill’s active ingredients). By integrating the worlds of communication and nocebo-effect research, this project increases knowledge on how to improve patients’ outcomes for the better, and opens a new research line in this undiscovered area. The NIAS Fellowship, part of a larger KWY-Young Investigator Grant on this topic, consists of three parts: i) analyzing of qualitative data and writing of paper; ii) dedicated time to work on research ideas and organizing of a workshop; iii) internship at the Programs in Placebo Studies&Therapeutical Encounter (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School) and side visits.

Liesbeth van Vliet about her project.

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