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Törnqvist, P.E.







Egil Törnqvist, born in Uppsala, Sweden, in 1932. Ph.D. from Uppsala University. Professor in Scandinavian Studies at the University of Amsterdam.  († 2015)

Fellow (1 September 1982 – 31 August 1983)

My research focused on aspects related to (Scandinavian) drama and theatre. Attention was paid to:

the semiotics of stage directions as part of a drama text as compared to their aural/visual equivalents in theatrical production;

the lack of clarity in drama criticism with regard to the important distinction between drama-as-text and drama-as-production as well as to first-time and second-time recipients;

generic characteristics of the (modern) one-act play;

the thematic coherence of a central Swedish expressionist drama;

theme and structure of Ingmar Bergman’s latest film.