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Stone, M.E.

Stone, M.E.

Michael Stone, born in Leeds, UK, in 1938. Ph.D. from Harvard University, Cambridge. Professor of Armenian Studies and Gail Levin de Nur Professor of Religious Studies at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Fellow (1 September 1997 – 30 June 1998)

The theme group on “Translation Techniques in Armenian and Syriac” worked on two documents, the late-antique philosophical treatise by Pseudo-Zeno, and the Physiologus. I led the work on Pseudo-Zeno and a book has been prepared containing a new edition and translation of the work, together with a CD-ROM which will present further documentation of the work. The book will be published by Brill. I also made a minor contribution to the study of the Physiologus.

I wrote a book on the legendary theme of the contract between Adam and Satan which occurs in a range of Oriental and Greek Christian sources. This book utilises literary, folkloristic and iconographic sources. I also wrote four articles on Jewish and Armenian themes.

Six other books were completed (though mainly written before the year) and sent to the printers. The most significant of these is the monumental Album of Armenian Palaeography of which I am initiator and Editor-in-Chief. Two final consultations were held about this book, and it is currently being printed by Aarhus University Press.