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Stokman, F.N.

Stokman, F.N.

Frans Stokman, born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 1941. Ph.D. from the University of Amsterdam. Professor of Social Science Research Methodology at the University of Groningen.

Fellow (1 September 2001 – 30 June 2002)

The Research Group “Danger of Community Failure” was a wonderful source of inspiration. The informal contacts, seminars and luncheon meetings offered me interesting insights for my research at NIAS and future research.

My own research consisted mainly of preparing three publications. The first is a Special Issue of the Journal of Mathematical Sociology, of which I am one of the two guest editors. It concerns the third Special Issue on Evolution of Social Networks under editorship of Pat Doreian (Pittsburgh) and myself. My own contribution in the special issue concerns a study I did with others on the evolution of friendship networks under Groningen sociology freshmen. The second is a Special Issue of Rationality and Society, of which I am one of the three guest editors. This special issue concerns Models of Collective Decision Making and it contains a contribution of Van Assen (Tilburg University) and myself on conflict measures in co-operative exchange models in collective decision-making. The third is a book on European Union Decision Making, of which I am one of the four editors and in which I have two contributions. The book is one of the end products of an international Research Group officially recognised by the European Consortium for Political Research which consisting of researchers from Groningen, Leiden, Nijmegen, Konstanz, Helsinki, and Ann Arbor. NIAS served as a nice meeting place for the group as well.