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Spinhoven, Philip

Spinhoven, Philip

Theme-group Fellow

My Optimism Wears Heavy Boots: so much research, so few implications, towards ‘patient-proof’ empirical models and more effective interventions in mental health

Research Question

Most treatment outcome studies are directed on discrete (DSM) categories ignoring the existence of broader underlying syndromes. It will be examined (a) which transdiagnostic factors have been empirically proven to maintain common emotional disorders?; and (b) whether treatments specifically targeting these transdiagnostic maintaining factors might improve treatment of common emotional disorders, including comorbid disorders and subthreshold symptomatic presentations?

Selected Publications

Giesen-Bloo J., Dyck R. van, Spinhoven P., Tilburg W van, Dirksen C., Asselt T. van, Kremers I.P., Nadort M. & Arntz A. (2006), Outpatient psychotherapy for borderline personality disorder: Randomized trial of schema-focused therapy vs transference-focused psychotherapy, Archives of General Psychiatry 63: 649-658.

Spinhoven P., Drost J., De Rooij M., Van Hemert A.M. & Penninx B.W.J.H. (2016), Is experiential avoidance a mediating, moderating, independent, overlapping of proxy risk factor in the onset, relapse and maintenance of depressive disorders?, Cognitive Therapy and Research 40(2): 150-163.

Huijbers M.J., Spinhoven P., Spijker J., Ruhé H.G., Van Schaik D.J.F., Van Oppen P., Nolen W.A., Ormel J., Kuyken W., Van der Wilt G.J., Blom M.B.J., Schene A.H., Donders R.T. & Speckens A.E.M. (2016), Discontinuation of antidepressant medication after mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for recurrent depression: randomised controlled non-inferiority trial, British Journal of Psychiatry 208(4): 366-373.

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