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Peter Skalník

Skalnik, P.

Petr Skalník, born in Prague, Czech Republik, in 1945. Ph.D. from Charles University, Prague. Associate Professor at the Department of Cultural Anthropology, Charles University, Prague.

Fellow (1 September 2001 – 30 June 2002)

At last I had time to evaluate the work I had produced over the last decade or so. Most important was the opportunity to work without the usual stress that accompanies my whole existence at home. I managed to read new books I cannot get hold of in Prague.

I made considerable progress with my book project “Naam versus State: Indigenous authority and State Power in the Gold Coast/Ghana” during my stay at NIAS. I managed to draft all five chapters as envisaged in my research proposal. The dimensions of naam among the various population groups are now clear and I now have a much better understanding of how Nanumba society is held together: what the cohesive forces are comprised of and how they function. I also finalised the proposal for a workshop on “Chiefdom: a universal political formation?” which will take place in Summer 2003 in Bellagio, Italy.

I also used my time at NIAS to work on a broader topic in political anthropology, namely political culture. One of the papers on this topic was published during my stay. I also prepared and edited a book for publication, which maps the state of socio-cultural anthropology in Central and Eastern Europe.