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Endre Sik

Endre Sik

TRIS Fellow

Project title

Sociology in Hungary

Research question

Interested in economic sociology, migration, xenophobia, methodology, border studies

Selected publications

Quasi-diaspora and Cross-border Diaspora in the Hungarian-Slovak-Ukrainian Triborder Region (with
Blanka Szeitl) (2015) Review of Sociology 25(4):107-125

A Hungarian Trademark (a “Hungarikum”): the Moral Panic Button (2017) (with Melani Barlai) in: The
Migrant Crisis European Perspectives and National Discourses eds.: Melani Barlai, Birte Fachnrich,
Christine Griessler, Markus Rhomberg, LIT, pp. 147-168.

The Bad, the Worse, and the Worst: Guesstimating the Level of Corruption. (2002) In: Political Corruption in Transition, eds.: Stephen Kotkin and András Sajó, CEU Press, Budapest-New York,., pp. 91-114.