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Shakhnazaryan, N.

Shakhnazaryan, N.

Nona Shakhnazaryan, born in Mingechaur, Azerbaijan, in 1969. Ph.D. from the Institute of Ethnology at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow. Associate Professor at the Kuban Social and Economic Institute, Krasnodar.

Visiting Grant Scholar (1 September 2008 – 30 November 2008)


I finished my article Show me respect: Patron-Client Relationship in the South Caucasus in its two versions, English and Russian. The following is a list of the titles of publications I worked on while at NIAS: “Show me respect: Patron-Client Relationship in the South Caucasus” in: Anthropological Journal Focaal; «Уважить, умаслить, отблагодарить»: дискурсы об альтернативной экономике, родстве и коррупции в кавказских сообществах in: Laboratorium, St. Petersburg; a chapter entitled “Cultural Archetypes and Political Change in the Caucasus” in an edited book: National Ideologies, Survival Strategies and Gender Identity in the Political and Symbolic Contexts of [the] Karabakh War.

A paper presented at a conference was published as a memo Social Transformations in Post-Soviet Nagorno Karabakh. Motivations for Migration by the International Network on Eurasian Studies PONARS’ Eurasia Policy Project). On 16 September, 2008 I obtained full-membership of the International Network on Eurasian Studies PONARS, which is based in Georgetown University, Washington, DC.