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Richters, J.M.

Richters, J.M.

Annemiek Richters, born in Laren, the Netherlands, in 1945. Ph.D. from the VU University, Amsterdam. Professor of Culture, Health and Illness at Leiden University Medical Center.

Fellow (1 February 2008 – 30 June 2008)


The main writing products were: “Community-based sociotherapy Byumba, Rwanda” (authors A. Richters, C. Dekker, P. Scholte), Intervention, June 2008; “The value of sociotherapy for women with experiences of rape”, in Community-based sociotherapy in Byumba, Rwanda: Here we are (a sociotherapy program book co-edited by myself); “Community-based sociotherapy in the aftermath of violent conflict in Rwanda: Its contributions to moral and social repair”, draft chapter for the book “Coming to terms with a shattered world: mediations of violence in Africa” (the title of the NIAS Theme Group I participated in). This chapter was presented for feedback at the theme group conference. I coordinated the theme group together with Lidwien Kapteijns. We both did some preliminary work regarding the future editing of the theme group book. Field research material was ordered and partly analyzed. Follow-up research was designed and supervised. Individual research will be continued after the NIAS Fellowship.