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Poot, Jacques

Poot, Jacques


Jacques Poot, born in Schiedam, the Netherlands, in 1955. Ph.D. from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Professor of Population Economics at the University of Waikato.

Fellow (1 September 2014 – 31 January 2015)

International Circulation of Population: A Dynamic Networks Perspective

Research Question

How are international migration and short-term travel linked through networks of people spanning different countries and what does this imply for migration policies?

Project Description

International migrants account for about 3 percent of the world population but this statistic strongly underestimates the number of people living abroad at some stage during their lives, for example because of study, retirement, seasonal work or job assignments. The project considers how these different forms of cross-border geographic mobility are linked, with specific reference to the case of New Zealand, which has very high rates of inward and outward population movement. They key idea is that there is a two-way interaction: short-term travel leads to migration and vice versa. This idea is investigated in three ways: (1) a stylised simulation model; (2) an empirical analysis of the impact of social security on mobility; and (3) a theory that links business travel and migration.

Selected Publications

1) Beckhusen, J., Florax, R.J.G.M., Poot, J. and Waldorf, B. (2013) Attracting Global Talent and Then What? Overeducated Immigrants in the US. Journal of Regional Science, 53(5): 834-854.

2) Poot, J. and Strutt, A. (2010) International Trade Agreements and International Migration. The World Economy, 33(12): 1923-1954.

3) McCann, P., Poot, J. and Sanderson. L. (2010) Migration, Relationship Capital and International Travel: Theory and Evidence. Journal of Economic Geography, 10(3): 361-387.

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