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Peter Safronov

Peter Safronov

Safe Haven Fellowship

Project title

How we care? Making of affective communities on the web

Research question

How we accept care? How we share care? How are those we who care? How going online changes caring relationships?

Project description

Care is not there for us. Instead it emerges out of taking care of something. Taking care often goes without any explicit reference to care. Caring comes with us and by us as long as we are attentive and willing to take our surroundings into consideration.  Then the “we” presents the problem. Who are those who care? What is actually needed to involve into caring relationships?  It is certainly not a human privilege.  Animals do care.  Trees or mushrooms may care as well. Yet the means for caring are different. Humans are for now the only species that do care online. I would like to study how going online mediates human ways of caring.


Selected publications

We Are Lives  (contribution to the After Progress Digital Exhibition)

Together Apart: Field Notes as Artefacts of Collaborative Ethnography

People Matters: Innovations in Institutionally Weak Contexts

More about myself

I think about the possibilities of inter alia, of neighboring, of staying next to something.  I pursue writing as a means of exposing myself to the void between. And to anything else that might emerge.  So far I regard myself as a researcher. Namely, the one who (1) searches, (2) reiterates the search. Not precisely for something particular. or may be for something too well-known to be un-searched and re-searched.  That is all I do or search for as a philosopher, poet, and artist.