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Oppong, C.

Oppong, C.

Christine Oppong, born in Derby, UK, in 1940. Ph.D. from Cambridge University. Professor of Applied Anthropology at the University of Ghana, Accra.

Fellow (1 September 1000 – 30 June 2001)

During the year my research project was extended to include a review of evidence from the African region, as well as Ghana in particular, on changing gender roles and relations in reproduction and production and demographic outcomes (fertility, child survival, development and nutritional status). In addition to examining choice and changes, triggered by role strain, stress and conflict, in terms of reproductive outcomes, – mothers’ inability to ensure adequate nutritional intake and development of infants and toddlers was also studied, – especially as regards maternal care, breast feeding and weaning. Together with collaborators in England and Ghana, great progress was made on three books and an edited volume.

In addition three Seminar Papers were presented during the course of the year. These included: “Infants Entitlements and Babies Capabilities”, Ghana Studies Group, Leiden University, December; “Hungry babies and Working Children: changing responses to child hunger and employment in Africa and Indonesia”, Panel with B. White, NIAS, February; “Gender Issues and Infant Malnutrition in Sub Saharan Africa”, Seminar at the Leiden African Studies Centre, June; and a paper written for publication in 2000/2001, “Infants Entitlements and Babies Capabilities: explaining infant hunger”, Institute of African Studies Research Review (Legon) 2000 Accra.