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Onnekink, David

Onnekink, David


David Onnekink, born in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, in 1971. Ph.D. from Utrecht University. Assistant Professor of History at Utrecht University.

Fellow (1 Sept 2016 – 31 Jan 2017)

The Dutch in the Early Modern World: The Rise and Fall of a Global Power

Research Question

The purpose of this book project is to rethink the position of the Dutch Republic in the world in the early modern age. It will do so by paying attention to Dutch foreign policy both within Europe as well as in the overseas world. Moreover, it will regard politics in the context of Dutch culture and society.

Project Description

This book synthesizes existing scholarship on early modern Dutch foreign policy and at the same time will present the position of the Dutch in the world in a different manner. In six chronological chapters Dutch foreign policy will be analysed within the context of culture and society, and with regard to both Europe and the rest of the world. Special attention will be paid to the rise of international law, foreign policy and visual arts, free trade, slave trade, the emergence of international relations theory, humanitarian interventions, religious conflict, public opinion and encounters with non-European cultures. The overall purpose of the book is rethink the roots of the current position of the Netherlands in the world and investigate long-term ‘traditions’ in Dutch foreign policy.

Selected Publications

– ‘Models of an imagined community: Huguenot discourse on identity and foreign policy’, in D.J.B. Trim (ed.), The Huguenots: History and Memory in transnational context (Leiden 2011)

– ‘Mynheer Benting now rules over us’: the 1st Earl of Portland and the re-emergence of the English favourite (1689–1699), English Historical Review CXXI (2006).

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