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Mulsow, Martin

Mulsow, Martin


Martin Mulsow. Born in 1959. Ph.D. from the University of München. Professor of Intellectual History at the University of Erfurt.

Descartes Theme Group Fellow (Jan, Feb, March 2017)

Alchemy and the Market in the Netherlands around 1700

Research Question

I want to investigate what role alchemy played in the economy of exchange among princes and scholars; how it was intertwined with religious sentiments and financial interests.

Selected Publications

1) Decorum and Disorder: The Republic of Letters 1550-1750, Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press 2007

2) Prekäres Wissen. Eine andere Ideengeschichte der Frühen Neuzeit, Berlin: Suhrkamp 2012

3) Moderne aus dem Untergrund. Radikale Frühaufklärung in Deutschland 1680-1720, Hamburg: Meiner 2002. (Habilitationsschrift)

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