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Misiedjan, Daphina

Misiedjan, Daphina

NIAS Theme Group

Legal Mobilization, Rights of Nature and Changing the Status Quo through Earth Jurisprudence

Research Question

How do environmental/ social/ Indigenous movements develop their strategies for the recognition of rights of Nature? How is the Rights of Nature Movement developing globally?

Project Description

Earth Jurisprudence is increasingly developing and an expanding field of law. It is seen as a new approach to protecting ecosystems and also a manner to empower communities. Legal mobilization in the context of Earth Jurisprudence assists in the reframing of conventional legal values. The focus however, is mostly on the formulation of the rights and entitlements and not, as this research proposes, the underlying strategies concerning legal mobilization. This research will look into the dynamics of the social movements and looks to draw largely on social movement approaches to account for law-based advocacy. Meaning law-based campaigns such as  mostly formal, court-based interventions and campaigns concerning law-making.


Selected Publications

  • Daphina Misiedjan, ‘Towards a Sustainable Human Right to Water. Supporting vulnerable people and protecting water resources.’ (Intersentia 2019)
  • Misiedjan and S. McKenzie, ‘The Human Right to Water’ in J. May and E. Daly (eds) Human Rights and the Environment: Legality, Indivisibility, Dignity and Geography (Edward Elgard Publishing 2019)


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