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Lulof, Patricia

Lulof, Patricia


Patricia S. Lulof, born in Haarlem, the Netherlands, in 1955. Ph.D. from the University of Amsterdam. Associate Professor in Pre-Roman Archaeology at the University of Amsterdam.

Theme Group Coordinator (1 February 2015 – 30 June 2015)

Biographies of Buildings: The Transformation of an Archaic Sanctuary in Latium

Research Question

The proposed research involves the factual reconstruction of three invisible monuments from Archaic Central Italy. The study of ancient architecture and technology is a relatively unknown and much-discussed field. In simulating the construction of temples through digital 3D modelling, architectural issues can be surfaced and insight can be provided into the working methods of ancient architects and craftsmen (chaîne opératoire).

Project Description

The research project will focus on virtual 3D reconstructions of three different building phases in an Archaic sanctuary in one of the most important cities in ancient Latium, Satricum. Dedicated to the goddess of dawn and birth, three subsequent temples have been erected, between 550 and 500 BC, each of which replacing the other in an ever more monumental form, and each equipped with a decorated roof full of images of gods, mythical monsters and scenes of battle and victory, derived from various regional, political and artistic backgrounds. The digital “rebuilding” of the temples will confront many technical and structural issues, that have to be solved through comparative research in contemporary and modern architecture.

Selected Publications

1) “Reconstructing Rome’s Golden Building Age. Temples from the last Tarquin to the Roman Republic (530-480 BC)” in Current Approaches to the Archaeology of first Millennium B.C. Italian Urbanism (ed. E. Robinson), JRA Supplements 97 (2014), 113-126.

2) “Un miracolo d’immagini. Il tempio cosidetto tardoarcaico di Satricum”, in Sacra Nominis Latini. Un trentennio di scoperte nei santuari di area latina tra l’età arcaica e la tarda repubblica (Atti del Convegno Roma, 19-21 febbraio 2009), = Ostraka 2012, 427-440.

3) “The Art of Reconstruction and the Image of Power”, in C. Chiaramonte Treré, G. Bagnasco Gianni & F. Chiesa (eds.), Interpretando l’antico. Scritti di archeologia offerti a Maria Bonghi Jovino (Quaderni di ACME, 134), Milan 2012, 111-130.

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