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Lucie Nezri by Jente Waerzeggers

Lucie Nezri

Nouveau Grand Tour Fellow

Project title

Maghrebin-Andalusian classical music as uniting medium and vector for peace and understanding

Project description

During her stay at NIAS Lucie Nezri would like to finalize a set of new algorithmic pieces incorporating features of the rather unknown Maghrebin-Andalusian music tradition.

For many, the latter represents a kind of utopia: a musically rich and composite genre at the crossroads of Spanish and African influences. Relying on a high degree of sophistication and formalism, this music fundamentally reveals how Andalusian society may have embraced the diverse cultures and religions of its population, as well as its own contradictions.

By drawing inspiration from this musical tradition, Lucie wishes to reflect on the trajectory of her Maghrebian-Andalusian family – and how it may echo aspects of the current devastating situation in the Middle East – as well as to return to the notion of music as a potentially unifying medium and vector for peace.