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Liebrand, W.B.G.

Liebrand, W.B.G.

Wim Liebrand, born in Wisch, the Netherlands, in 1949. Ph.D. from the University of Groningen. Professor of Social Science Information Technology at the University of Groningen.

Fellow (1 September 1994 – 30 June 1995)

The theme group “Understanding Social Dilemmas” has provided a stimulating environment in which I finished several publications on both theoretical and applied aspects of social dilemmas, edited a volume on computer modeling of social dynamics, and started to prepare a second volume which is based on the contributions to the 6th International Conference on Social Dilemmas which was held at NIAS in June 1995. In retrospect I conclude that the year has been successful, the more because several new research projects have been started which use computer simulations to study the dynamics between micro-level behaviour and its consequences at the aggregate level.

The contribution of NIAS has been essential because it provided us with the means to us to collaborate intensively and to constitute an international group of researchers in a newly emerging field of research.