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Lesia Kulchynska

Lesia Kulchynska

Safe haven fellow

Project title

Visuality of Violence during the Russo-Ukrainian War

Research question

How does the visuality-driven media environment shape military operations during the Russo-Ukrainian war and, on the other hand, how does military violence shape the operations of images?

Project description

In modern warfare media coverage is very visible and intense, including in the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian War. Images of violence circulated by the media can evoke strong emotions like guilt, fear, anger, or satisfaction, which can influence social choices, consumption habits, and political decisions. Beyond being a tool for information warfare, these emotionally charged images also play a part in the attention economy of social media and the global war-military complex. They can generate profits, open new markets, and direct the flow of capital.

In her research, Kulchynska is looking at how images related to the Russo-Ukrainian War are produced, shared, and consumed. She is exploring how visuality and violence intersect in modern warfare, viewing the war as an industry driven by visuals. Her focus is on the strategies and infrastructures behind image creation, and how violence is used as a tool to produce impactful images.

Selected publications