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Lauren Barnett Wagner

NIAS fellow

Project title

Intra-active Methodologies: exploring entangled ethnography

Research question

What does it look like to do ethnography in, from and with a new materialist paradigm?

Project description

New materialism has become popular in many fields as a way to explore the role of non-human and more-than-human elements. It offers a fresh perspective on how different entities interact and influence social and environmental issues. This approach is changing how we think about global challenges, like climate change, by providing a more interconnected view of the actors and relationships involved.

This project aims to examine the methodological changes that come with this new way of thinking. Focusing on ethnography as a key method suited to new materialism, Lauren Wagner asks: what does it mean to conduct ethnography within this new framework? Are diverse approaches to ethnography adapting to this paradigm, or do we need to rethink some fundamental aspects? In a world where everything is interconnected, can we develop new methods for collaborative research?

Selected publications