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Erik Krabbe

Erik Krabbe

During my stay at NIAS I had daily discussions with Douglas Walton on ‘Argumentation Theory’ and more specific ‘Commitment in Argumentation’ which resulted in a five-chapter monograph Commitment in Dialogue.

Erik Krabbe was NIAS-Fellow from 1 September 1987 to 31 July 1988.

About Erik Krabbe
Erik C.W. Krabbe (1943) studied philosophy and mathematics at the University of Amsterdam. His Ph.D. dissertation, Studies in Dialogical Logic (Groningen, 1982) was supervised by E.M. Barth and  by K. Lorenz. Together with E.M. Barth, he wrote From Axiom to Dialogue (1982), a comprehensive study of dialectic systems and their connections with other types of logic. He is the author of a hundred publications, most of them in the field of dialogue logic and argumentation. Krabbe is one of the editors of the journal Argumentation.

He taught logic at the University of Amsterdam (1969-1971) and at the University of Utrecht (1971-1988). From 1988 until 2008 he was an associate professor of Logic at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Groningen, teaching both philosophical and mathematical logic and theory of argumentation.

In 1995 he was, moreover, appointed as professor on a special chair for philosophical theory of argumentation. Another book on dialogue theory was written jointly with D.N. Walton: Commitment in Dialogue (1995).

In 1998 Krabbe received an ISSA-award for excellent research. He served as a Vice-Dean of the faculty during the period 1999-2002 and retired in 2008. After retirement, he taught in Lugano, Windsor ON, Coimbra, and Lisbon. He published a number of papers with Jan Albert van Laar and was one of the authors of the Handbook of Argumentation Theory (2014).