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Kok, A.

Kok, A.

Albert Kok, born in Singapore, in 1939. Ph.D. from the VU University, Amsterdam. Professor of Physiological Psychology at the University of Amsterdam.

Fellow (1 September 1996 – 30 June 1997)

During my stay at NIAS I was involved in a number of scientific activities that are briefly summarised below:

Preparation of a Dutch textbook on the subject: “Foundations of Cognitive Neuroscience”. The book is devoted to basic principles, concepts and paradigms used in the rapidly emerging field of Cognitive Neuroscience. The book comprises two parts, the first part contains a description of basic structural and functional characteristics of the central nervous system, in particular the cerebral cortex. It will also deal with the historical and philosophical implications of mind/brain theorising. The second part of the book will focus on a number of specific cognitive functions such as Perception and Attention, Memory, Consciousness and Language from a cognitive neuroscientific perspective. Part one has been finished. It is anticipated that part two will be ready around spring 1998.

Preparation of a review article titled: “The utility of P3 amplitude as a measure of processing capacity”, which was submitted to Behavioral and Brain Science. This paper provides an exhaustive review of current literature dealing with the relationship between P3 (an electrical brain potential) amplitude and mental processing capacity. In particular the paper critically examines the dominant view that P3 reflects demands on perceptual-central resources.

Besides the above, six other publications were prepared and terminated during my NIAS period.