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Kloek, E.M.

Kloek, E.M.

Els Kloek, born in Leiden, the Netherlands, in 1952. Ph.D. from the University of Amsterdam. Associate Professor of Cultural History at Utrecht University.

Fellow (1 September 1997 – 30 June 1998)

As a member of the research nucleus “Historical Developmental Psychology” I prepared a paper for the conference at NIAS “Are we at the end of the century of the child?”. The title of my paper was: “‘The Dutch Case’: A Critical Survey of the History of Childhood in the Early Modern Time, especially in the Netherlands, ca. 1500-1800”. This paper will be a chapter of our research group’s book, to be published in 1999 by Cambridge University Press.

I finished my research project about the life and work of female artists from the Netherlands between 1550-1800. This research resulted in the publication of the volume Vrouwen en kunst in de Republiek. Een overzicht (Hilversum 1998).

I continued my work on a general overview of the role of women in the history of the Dutch Republic (ca. 1570-1795). I completed three chapters for this book, and thoroughly revised the already written first part of it, containing five chapters. I hope I will be able to finish this book within two years. Next to this, I wrote five book reviews and one article.