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Kasinitz, Philip

Kasinitz, Philip

Guest of the Director

Diversity, Culture and the City

Project Description

I am examining the roles that popular culture plays in debates about racial and ethnic diversity in three cities: Amsterdam, Berlin and New York. The research will consist of three distinct but interrelated projects:

Diversity on the streets. Public spaces and urban shopping streets can be sites of inter group encounters and everyday conviviality. Yet they can also be spaces of exclusion. This section will specifically address how planners and policy makers conceive of “diversity” differently in the three cities. It will also address effects of the withdrawal and return to these spaces in the wake of the Corona virus.

Diversity in the performing arts and popular culture. How do art and music create and change ideas about ethnic, interethnic, city and neighborhood identities? How does artistic production and expression solidify minoritized identities? How can the arts serve as a site for encounters across cultural groups and as an entry point into the “mainstream” for newcomers?

Diversity and memory. This section will examine how memorials and museums — particularly Jewish themed museums– portray religious and ethnic diversity in the past. How do these portrayals enter — or not enter– debates over contemporary ethno-religious diversity?

Selected Publications

Philip Kasinitz and Marco Martiniello (editors) “Migration, Popular Music and the City”. Ethnic and Racial Studies. Volume 42, Number 6.  (May 2019).

Sharon Zukin, Philip Kasinitz and Xiangming Chen. Global Cities, Local Streets. Routledge, 2015.

Philip Kasinitz, John H. Mollenkopf, Mary C. Waters and Jennifer Holdaway. Inheriting the City: The Children of Immigrants Come of Age.  Harvard University Press and the Russell Sage Foundation, 2008.


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