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Kampis, Gyorgy

Kampis, Gyorgy

George Kampis, born in Budapest, Hungary in 1958. Ph.D (C.Sc) and D.Sc from Hungarian Academy of Science, Habilitation at Eötvös University, Budapest. Professor of Philosophy of Science at Eötvös University.

Fellow (1 February 2014 – 30 June 2014)


Research Question

How to inflict the highest damage (appropriately measured) to a dark network by selectively removing its nodes?

Project Description

Value chain or workflow concepts are widely used in various domains. They are well known in production systems or scientific collaborations. Stochastic workflows (an example is Wikipedia editing) play a central role in the understanding and analysis of complex production processes. The related concept of graph coloring (i.e. assigning colors to nodes representing different roles) appears from ecology (e.g. trophic chains) to inquiry scheduling. Our proposal endeavours to generalize these notions to criminal networks. Workflows or value chains over criminal (dark) networks have striking peculiarities arising from the topological arrangement of the network and we plan to map and understand these and to characterize these workflows (value chains) from the point of view of information transmission and control.

Selected Publications

1) N. Toth, L. Gulyas, R.O. Legendi, P.M.A. Sloot and G. Kampis (2013): Workflow Based Centralities in Crime Networks, EPJ Special Topics, “Advances in Dynamic Networks”, vol 222, number 6, to appear.

2) Laszlo Gulyas, George Kampis, and Richard O. Legendi (2013): Elementary Models of Dynamic Networks, EPJ Special Topics, “Advances in Dynamic Networks”, vol 222, number 6, to appear.

3) George Kampis and László Gulyás 2010: Generative characterization of sexual contact networks”,NetSci 2010 THE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AND CONFERENCE ON NETWORK SCIENCE 10-14 May, 2010, MIT, Boston.

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