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Jongsma, Karin

Jongsma, Karin

NIAS-Lorentz Theme-Group Fellow

AI in Medical Practice – empirical insights and normative reflection

Research Question

How can physicians decide well when using (opaque) medical AI?

Project Description

As AI is an emerging technology, its impact and implications remain hard to predict, but these will largely depend on how we decide to use it in clinical practice. In order to further the ethical debate about medical AI, ethical analysis informed by the actual use of such technologies in practice is warranted. In my contribution, I will provide an empirically-informed ethical analysis of the use of AI in clinical practice, by drawing on concrete case studies where AI is applied in clinical practice. This allows to better understand and evaluate the ethical implications of using AI for decision-making in clinical practice.

Selected Publications

1) Lucivero L, Jongsma KR. (2018). A mobile revolution for healthcare? Setting the agenda for Bioethics. Journal of Medical Ethics. 44:685–689.

2) Jongsma KR, van den Heuvel JFM, Rake JWT, Bredenoord AL, Bekker MN. (2020) mHealth technology for hypertensive disorders of pregnancy: users’ experiences and recommendations. Journal of Medical Internet Research mHealth & uHealth (Forthcoming)

3) Jongsma KR, Bredenoord AL, Lucivero F. (2018). Digital medicine: an opportunity to revisit the role of bioethicists. American Journal of Bioethics. 18(9), pp. 69–70.


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