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Eric  Jones

Eric Jones

Eric Jones

Ph.D. from the University of Oxford. Professorial Fellow at the University of Melbourne.
Born in Andover, UK, in 1936 († 2024)
NIAS Guest of the Rector (1 April 2009 – 30 June 2009)


My work has been almost exclusively on a forthcoming book, provisionally entitled “Inducement & Response: locating the Industrial Revolution”. The unparalleled opportunity of using NIAS library service has allowed me to concentrate on reading intensively on the international context, existing explanations of the industrial revolution, and issues concerning the matrix of political, social, ideological and other ideas from which 18th century economic change arose. The main adjustment to my original plan has been to try to balance the materialistic and ideological factors involved in industrialisation in a novel and explicit fashion. I have drafted and edited one chapter additional to those written before I arrived, though they too have undergone fresh editing in the light of new materials.