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Hranova, A.

Hranova, A.

Albena Hranova, born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, in 1962. Ph.D. from Plovdiv University. Associate Professor at the Department of Theory of Literature and Bulgarian Literature at Plovdiv University.

Visiting Grant Scholar (1 April 2004 – 30 June 2004)


While a Visiting Grant Fellow in the period from April 1 to June 30, 2004 at NIAS, I worked on the project Colonial Adventure and Postcolonial Fantasy. My main focus was the elaboration of the project’s methodological framework. I was able to construct a theoretical draft for research on the following topics: the concepts of ‘adventure’ and ‘fantasy’ in the framework of post-colonial studies; the place of the Balkans in adventure and fantasy narratives and finally, the language problems inherent to adventure and fantasy narratives. The opportunity to access primary sources and the latest research publications at NIAS ensured my further work. I intend to present two different papers, which were drafted at NIAS, at conferences in Romania and Bulgaria. I also made progress in the preparation of a MA course Colonial Adventure and Postcolonial Fantasy to be delivered in the second semester of the 2004/05. I am truly indebted to the research facilities and the friendly and helpful atmosphere of the NIAS staff and fellows community for the progress I made in my research.