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Hosli, Madeleine

Hosli, Madeleine


Madeleine Hosli, born in Zürich, Switzerland. Ph.D. from the University of St. Gallen. Professor of International Relations at Leiden University.

Fellow (1 September 2014 – 31 January 2015)

Explaining European Union Decision-Making: Insights from the Natural and Social Sciences (EUDINS)

Research Question

How do processes of coalition-formation influence patterns of decision-making in the European Union?

Project Description

This part of the EUDINS Theme Group project focuses on coalition-formation in processes of political decision-making. Empirically, insights from the ‘Decision-making in the European Union Before and After Lisbon’ (DEUBAL) project and other data sources will be used to implement models focused on decision-making as they have been presented in the context of the analysis of the European Union (EU). Among these models are studies focusing on how actors form specific coalitions, how such coalitions may be affected by changes in actor preferences or political party affiliations and effects of such changes on decision-outcomes. This individual project will build on earlier research in this tradition, both in terms of coalition-formation more generally and studies focused on the EU, and implement models of coalition-formation in practice.

Selected Publications

1) Van Roozendaal Peter, Madeleine O. Hosli and Caspar Heetman (2012): Coalition Formation on Major Policy Dimensions: The Council of the European Union 1998 to 2004, Public Choice 153, 3-4: 447-467.

2) Hosli Madeleine O., Mikko Mattila and Marc C. Uriot (2011): Voting in the Council of the European Union after the 2004 Enlargement: A Comparison of Old and New Member States, Journal of Common Market Studies 49, 6: 1249-1270.

3) Hosli Madeleine O. (2005): The Euro: A Concise Introduction to European Monetary Integration. Boulder, Colorado and London: Lynne Rienner.

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