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Hanna Starkova

Hanna Starkova

Safe Haven Fellow

Project title

Internet Memes in the Context of the War in Ukraine

Research question

How do internet users from Ukraine and the Netherlands use memes to highlight attitudes to the war unleashed by Russia in Ukraine?

Project description

With her research Hanna Starkova wants to show that individuals should be responsible for the content they share, regardless of whether it is perceived as “not serious” or humorous.

She will conduct an online survey on memes among young people in Ukraine and the Netherlands. The survey will prioritise the study of memes and their impact on the younger demographic and will be conducted among students of BA and MA programmes in Media and Communication Studies. Hanna focuses on young people because they are the key actors of our near future society. They will determine what the economy and politics will look like, including the economy and politics of the media and the Internet.

Analysing and comparing the results of the two surveys will help to understand how young people in Ukraine and the Netherlands assess memes in general and how memes play a role in wartime.

Selected publications