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Griset, P.

Pascal Griset, born in Paris, France, in 1957. Ph.D. from Université Paris IV Sorbonne. Professor of Contemporary History at Université Paris IV Sorbonne.

Fellow (1 February 2011 – 30 June 2011)

Electronic Information and Communication Technologies in Europe (1850-2000)

The project will analyse the role and importance of electronic information and Communication Technologies in European long term history (1850-2000). Together with Johan Schot I will work on volume 6 of the planned book series of the Theme Group “Inventing Europe. A Transnational History of European Integration”. We shall pay special attention to the role of electronic information and communication technology, and their geopolitical importance in global communication. In doing so, we shall emphasise how technology and culture relate in modern electronic mass media. In analyzing the spatial dimension of mediated cultural processes in their material and institutional manifestations, as well as looking at their symbolic meanings, we hope to widen existing traditional perspectives on information and communication technologies.