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Giere, R.N.

Giere, R.N.

Ronald Giere, born in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, in 1938. Ph.D. from Cornell University, Ithaca. Professor of Philosophy at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

Fellow (1 September 2002 – 30 June 2003)

During my stay at NIAS, I accomplished perhaps even more than I had expected. My main goal during my stay was to write a draft of a book tentatively titled “Scientific Perspectives”. I have completed drafts of five out of six chapters and compiled a full table of contents. The sixth chapter will be a conclusion, which will be written when I have gone back over the manuscript making revisions as seem necessary in light of the manuscript as a whole. I hope to have the manuscript ready to submit to my publisher, The University of Chicago Press, during the academic year 2003/04. The time at NIAS was crucial in that it meant I could work more or less continuously on the manuscript without major breaks in my concentration.

I also ended up writing five papers, most of which should be published during 2003/04. Not surprisingly, there is considerable overlap between these papers and sections in the book manuscript. In some cases, the paper came first, in others the book sections came first.