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Erdmann, Robert

Erdmann, Robert

Robert G. Erdmann, born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, in 1972. Ph.D. from the University of Arizona, Tucson. Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and of Applied Mathematics at The University of Arizona, Tucson.

Fellow (1 February 2013 – 30 June 2013)

Application of Multiscale Image Processing and Materials Science to Enhance Semantic Analysis of Radiographs of Paintings on Canvas

Multiscale image processing (wavelets, ridgelets and curvelets) will be used to separate radiographs of paintings on canvas into separate radiographs of the canvas and the painting. After this separation, physical models of x-ray scattering and absorption will be used to estimate the three-dimensional profiles of painting brushstrokes and the height contours of canvas threads from these individual images. The resulting estimates will directly aid in texture analysis tasks by supplementing the two-dimensional signals on which traditional texture analysis is based, thereby improving the utility of these methods in art history and art conservation.

Selected Publications

L. van Tilborgh, T. Meedendorp, E. Hendriks, D. H. Johnson, C. R. Johnson, Jr., and R. G. Erdmann, Weave Matching and Dating of Van Gogh’s Paintings: An Interdisciplinary Approach. The Burlington Magazine, vol. 153, pp. 112-122, February 2012.

D. Johnson, R.G. Erdmann, and C.R. Johnson, Jr., Whole-painting canvas analysis using high- and low-level features., Proc. 36th Int. Conf. on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, 969 – 972, 2011.

A.G. Hendrick, R.G. Erdmann, and M.R. Goodman, Practical Considerations for Selection of Representative Elementary Volumes for Fluid Permeability in Fibrous Porous Media, Transport in Porous Media, 1-17, vol. 51, 2012.

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