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Eeckhout, Bart

Eeckhout, Bart


Bart Eeckhout, born in Ghent, Belgium, in 1964. Ph.D. from Ghent University. Professor of English and American Literature at University of Antwerp.

Fellow (1 Sept 2016 – 30 June 2017)

Wallace Stevens in the World

Research Question

I intend to investigate the ways in which the American modernist poet Wallace Stevens’ writings relate to the world and may be considered relevant to world literature. I will do so by developing several complementary angles pursued over three interrelated book projects.

Project Description

My main ambition is to write the methodologically most diverse monograph on Stevens so far, provisionally entitled “Wallace Stevens’ World Wide Web.” This book will consist of three parts, each clustering a handful of case studies: “Stevens in the World,” “Worlds Composed by Stevens,” and “Worlds Composed after Stevens.” Four of the case studies will establish links with The Netherlands/Low Countries. The two other book projects will be undertaken on the side. The first consists of a collection of essays on Stevens’ French connections to be edited in the wake of a conference in Paris in June 2015. The second book will be a fully annotated selection of my own translations into Dutch of poems by Stevens.

Selected Publications

* Lisa Goldfarb & Bart Eeckhout, eds. Wallace Stevens, New York, and Modernism. New York & London: Routledge, 2012. 184 pp.

* Bart Eeckhout & Rachel Galvin, eds. Stevens and the Everyday. Spec. Iss. of The Wallace Stevens Journal 36.1 (Spring 2012): 1-160.

* Bart Eeckhout & Bart Keunen, ‘Urban Novel’. Encyclopedia of Urban Studies. Ed. Ray Hutchison. Vol. 2. Thousand Oaks, Calif. & London: Sage, 2010. 899-903.

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