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Doorn, Niels van

Doorn, Niels van


Niels van Doorn, born in Roosendaal en Nispen, the Netherlands, in 1981. Ph.D. from University of Amsterdam. Assistant Professor in New Media and Digital Culture at University of Amsterdam.

Fellow (1 Sept  – 31 Dec 2016)

Sharing is Caring? How Value is Produced in Today’s Sharing and Reputation Economies?

Research Question

1)     How is value produced in today’s reputation and sharing economies?

2)     How does this change our understanding of what ‘value’ is?

3)     How does this change how we value work in these economies?

Project Description

Today most of us have some experience with reputation and sharing economies, which are facilitated by the internet and other digital networked technologies. Just think of all the rating, ranking, and judging that happens online – including Facebook Likes, or consider how more and more people are sharing their house, car, or tools with others via social platforms. There has been much talk about how these activities contribute to a new, more sustainable and fair economy, but at the same time commentators haven’t had much to say about how this development changes how we experience and value the work that goes into it. This research project critically examines how the reputation and sharing economies promote a set of moral values while at the same time transforming how we work and how we value this work.

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