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Dibbets, K.H.F.M.

Dibbets, K.H.F.M.

Karel Dibbets, born in Weert, the Netherlands, in 1947. Ph.D. from the University of Amsterdam. Assistant Professor of Film and Television Studies at the University of Amsterdam

Fellow (1 September 1999 – 30 June 2000)

Most of my time at NIAS was devoted to writing the last chapters of my book on early cinema in the Netherlands. My stay also allowed me to explore new directions while indulging in generous library services and enjoying the seaside surroundings thoroughly. A most interesting experience was my collaboration with composer Dick Raaijmakers in an artistic project on sound and image where I could make a scholarly contribution.

In addition, NIAS gave me an opportunity to develop and manage a website about movie theatres of the past; although this site merely publishes essential historical information, it appears to attract thousands of visitors each month. Together with a colleague from Belgium I worked on a historical comparison of cinema culture in Amsterdam and Brussels, trying to explain the enormous differences between the two cities. The results will be presented at a conference in Berlin, and published as an article next year. I also wrote an article on cinema orchestras during the silent-film period that will be published in a forthcoming history of music. Finally, I was able to lay the foundations for a new project that will focus on long-term developments in cinema culture