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Derbésh, Mabruk

Derbésh, Mabruk

Scholars-At-Risk Fellow

The Impact of Political Change on Academic Freedom in the Arabic World: Libya as an Example

How is academic freedom conceptualized in Arabic (Libyan) academic institutions? To what extent can pursuing academic freedom impact the organizational culture and to ameliorate resistance?

Project Description

Most political changes, especially the violent ones, are born in the comfort of the forgoing establishments and despite their flowery exertions to acclaim supposedly new ideas; they remain the wedlock child of those dominions. This encapsulates the recent Libyan political change but momentously academic freedom conditions as they partly went unchanged but mostly gotten intensely worse. However, there is still hope for Libya correcting its averted pathway and put acclaim on its destiny as a free nation.

Selected Publications

Derbesh, Mabruk; Muhammed, Maddi; Davis, Paul; Geraghty, John “Efficient Management through Predicting of Use E-Management within Higher Educational Institutions.” International Journal of Economics and Management Engineering, vol. 1, no. 11, 10 Nov. 2014

Derbesh, Mabruk. “ ؟ هل ليبيا دولة أم دولة فاشلة .: Libya the failed state” Al Qudes, 23 January 2013

Derbesh, Mabruk. “ في صناعة الكيان الليبي .:In the Libyan entity ” Al Qudes, 1 January 2013

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