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Derbésh, Mabruk

Derbésh, Mabruk

Scholars-At-Risk Fellow

The Impact of Political Change on Academic Freedom in the Arab World: Libya as an Example

How is academic freedom conceptualized in Arab (Libyan) academic institutions? To what extent can pursuing academic freedom impact the organizational culture and to ameliorate resistance?

Project Description

Arab countries and Libya especially have known only totalitarian governments throughout their modern existence. Historically, academic leadership had little or no impact on curriculum and research. But amidst current political and social upheaval, Libyan society is shifting. This project focuses on how the academic leadership perceives academic freedom and what strategy might lead to a more open educational system. The purpose of this study is to analyze the perceptions of a sample of 20 Libyan university professors and faculty managers regarding their roles in effecting major organizational change in establishing academic freedom.