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Derbésh, Mabruk

Derbésh, Mabruk

Scholars-At-Risk Fellow

Mabruk Derbésh’s fellowship was terminated before the end of the academic year.

The Impact of Political Change on Academic Freedom in the Arab World: Libya as an Example

How is academic freedom conceptualized in Arab (Libyan) academic institutions? To what extent can pursuing academic freedom impact the organizational culture and to ameliorate resistance?

Project Description

This project focuses on the impact of the 2011 political change in Libya on academic institutions and the status of academic freedom. The subject of academic freedom in Libya is immensely intertwined with issues concerning freedom of the press and freedom of expression. Since the invasion of Libya by NATO nations, many academics have lost their jobs and some have become refugees outside of Libya as a direct result of religious and political radicals taking over most of the integral governmental posts in the country. The project looks into the ways in which the new inserted de facto leaders of Libya have impacted academic freedom at Libyan Universities.​