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De Wever, B.L.J.M.

De Wever, B.L.J.M.

Bruno De Wever, born in Mortsel, Belgium, in 1960. Ph.D. from the University of Ghent. Associate Professor at the Department of History at the University of Ghent.

VNC Fellow (1 September 2001 – 30 June 2002)

According to plan, I prepared a comparative study on the Dutch National Socialist League (Nationaal Socialistische Beweging / NSB), the Belgian Flemish National League (Vlaams Nationaal Verbond / VNV), Rex, and some smaller Dutch and Belgian fascist organisations before and during World War II. I have collected and processed the main Dutch literature on the subject. The NIAS library service was an outstanding help to do this.

With my co-VNC Fellow Wichert ten Have I prepared an article on the anti-democratic tendencies in the Netherlands and Belgium. Theories and models about fascism and the conservative right were tested for their validity in explaining the Dutch and Belgian situation, particularly with regard to the ideas and goals about the functioning of the democratic parliamentary system within political groups.