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De Haas, Hein

De Haas, Hein

NIAS Individual Fellowship

Myths and Facts of International Migration

Research Question

What are the key research insights on patterns, causes and consequences of international migration for societies of origin and destination, and what questions and dilemmas for public debate does this reveal?

Project Description

Despite a rapid increase in knowledge into processes, causes and impacts of international migration from across the social science disciplines, the academic field of ‘migration studies’ has been rather unsuccessful in communicating insights to a broad popular readership beyond circles of (predominantly Western) policy makers and other specialists. This book project aims to convey academic knowledge to the general readership by challenging a range of popular myths and public narratives on migration issues. To overcome an increasingly polarized and toxic debate between ‘pro’ and ‘anti’ migration voices, this project will present a new, global vision of migration firmly rooted in the latest evidence. By ‘unlocking knowledge’, this project will showcase the relevance and importance of social science research for public debate.

Selected Publications

1) (2020) The Age of Migration: International Population Movements in the Modern World, (fully revised) 6th edition. Red Globe Press (with S. Castles and M. J. Miller). See http://www.age-of-migration.com/

2) (2019) International Migration: Trends, Determinants, and Policy Effects.  Population and Development Review  45(4): 885–922. (with Mathias Czaika, Marie‐Laurence Flahaux, Edo Mahendra, Katharina Natter, Simona Vezzoli and María Villares‐Varela).

3) (2010) Migration and development: a theoretical perspective, International Migration Review 44(1): 227-64.

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