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Crone, Eveline 1

Crone, Eveline

Eveline Crone, born in Schiedam, the Netherlands, in 1975. Ph.D. from the University of Amsterdam. Professor of Developmental Psychology at the University of Amsterdam.

Fellow (1 September 2013 – 31 January 2014)


Research Question

How is the maturation of brain function related to genes versus environment in a socially complex and changing world?

Project Description

In the last two decades, researchers have discovered much about the fascinating changes in how the brain develops during childhood and adolescence. This has led to new insights into how adolescents adapt to a quickly changing social environment, such as school, new friendships, romantic relations etc. However, much less is understood about why some adolescents adapt easier than others. Currently, the leading hypothesis is that genetic differences may result in differential susceptibility to the child’s environment, such as the home situations and influence of peers. The goal of this project is to specify these models through a thorough literature review and interactions with scholars in the area.

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