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Brunner, J.J.

Brunner, J.J.


José Joaquín Brunner, born in Santiago de Chile, Chile, in 1944. Ph.D. from Leiden University. Professor of Sociology at Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago de Chile.

Fellow (1 February 2011 – 30 June 2011)

Benchmarking Chilean Higher Education and University Performance

Chile recently became the 31st member state of the OECD and the fourth middle-high income member country, alongside Mexico, Poland and Turkey. My project will analyze Chilean higher education, which is one of the more highly privatised, within the context of OECD countries. I will use a comprehensive benchmarking exercise, based on statistical information and qualitative examination, to analyse the Chilean higher education. I will examine various dimensions and variables such as: access to higher education; participation and progress; the learning environment and the organisation of teaching; graduation rates and internal efficiency; production of advanced knowledge; financial resources invested in higher education; the output of higher education institutions and their impact. In addition, the strategies and performance of individual institutions will be assessed for a number of these dimensions and variables.

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