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Bovens, M.A.P.

Bovens, M.A.P.

Mark Bovens, born in The Hague, the Netherlands, in 1957. Ph.D. from Leiden University. Professor of Public Administration at Utrecht University.

Van Doorn Fellow (1 February 2012- 30 June 2012)

My stay at NIAS in the spring semester as the Van Doorn Fellow, has been a very ‘bookish’ stay. I not only consumed a large amount of books, efficiently provided by the library staff, but I also produced various sorts of books. First of all, I finished the 8th edition of our textbook Openbaar bestuur (together with Paul ‘t Hart and Mark van Twist), which was released by Kluwer in August 2012. Secondly, Robert Goodin, Thomas Schillemans and I made enormous progress in editing the Oxford Handbook of Public Accountability, which will be published by OUP in 2013.

Finally, I delivered the first Van Doorn Lecture at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam on 21 June 2012, which was published as a small booklet too. Old fashioned academic books – very fitting at an institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, and great fun to write.

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