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Besselink, L.F.M.

Besselink, L.F.M.

Leonard Besselink, born in Nieuwer-Amstel, the Netherlands, in 1955. Ph.D. from European University Institute, Florence. Professor in European Constitutional Law at Utrecht University.

Henry G. Schermers Fellow (1 September 2011 – 31 January 2012)


The research conducted at NIAS concerned the relations between constitutional orders within Europe, in particular those of the European Union, the EU member states and the legal system of the European Convention of Human Rights. The central focus of the research was the question whether there is a paradigm shift in constitutional law in Europe under the influence of both globalization, in particular in the shape it takes in the context of European integration, what that shift consists in, and what it implies for our understanding of constitutions in Europe and the study thereof. About four fifths of a planned monograph on this topic was prepared during a stay of in total eight months at NIAS.

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