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Berkel, T.A. van

Berkel, T.A. van

Tazuko van Berkel, born in Leimuiden, the Netherlands, in 1979. Ph.D.-student Greek Literature and History of Ideas at Leiden University.

Junior Fellow (1 February 2012 – 30 June 2012)


The NIAS Fellowship enabled me to finish my dissertation and to make the shift from a PhD-project to developing a new research project on a different subject matter. I have benefited from the expertise of the other members of the Theme Group “Mass Communication in Classical Antiquity”. It was extremely valuable to have the time to get an overview over the field of history of mathematics, political philosophy and communication studies. I have worked on several new papers, organized a theme group workshop and participated in three NIAS workshops. Moreover, contacts with NIAS Fellows from other disciplines have contributed to a renewed understanding of the significance of my work and have given rise to new ideas and several plans for future cooperation.

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