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Balázs, Z.

Balázs, Z.

Zoltán Balázs, born in Sopron, Hungary, in 1966. Ph.D. from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest. Research Assistant at the Central European University, Budapest.

Magyar Fellow (1 September 1999 – 31 January 2000)

My research project was on personal relationships and their moral and general philosophical significance. I have been studying the phenomena of power and authority as two particular relationships. During my fellowship I prepared two papers, presenting my own conception and understanding of each topic. The papers need some more refinement, especially the one on power which is as yet unfinished

Moreover, I wrote another paper on Interpersonality in Moral Theory (working title), which is basically an exposition and criticism of conceptions (mostly within the Kantian tradition of moral philosophy) that have been increasingly relying on the notion of interpersonality.

I also started a book (in Hungarian) on political philosophy, based on my lectures on this subject that I have held at various courses in Hungary over the last two or three years. Chapters have been completed on tradition, freedom, modernity, authority, power, political systems and political ideologies.

In addition, I began a translation (from English into Hungarian) of the autobiography of John Henry Newman, the Apologia Pro Vita Sua.