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Bagheri, M

Bagheri, M.

Mohammad Bagheri, born in Rasht, Iran, in 1951. Ph.D. from Utrecht University. Associate Professor in History of Science at the Encyclopaedia Islamica Foundation, Tehran.

Lorentz Fellow (1 September 2006 – 31 January 2007)


During my stay at NIAS I was able to work on a major part of Books II and III of Kushyar’s astronomical treatise entitled al-Zij al-Jami’. This is an edition of the Arabic text of Books I and IV of this treatise with an English translation and commentary that was the subject of my Ph.D. dissertation which I defended in Utrecht University on 20 December 2006. The additional two Books: II and III will complete the work which will be published as the first complete edition and English translation of an Arabic astronomical treatise of the Medieval Ages. In addition to this: I was one of the three organizers of the workshop “Geometrical Patterns in Islamic Art” held at the Lorentz Center on 11-15 September 2006; I gave a lecture on “Sundials in Iran” at the “XIVth National Seminar on Gnomonics” in Chianciano (Italy), on 7 October 2006; I presented a lecture entitled “Mathematical astronomy in Kushyar ibn Labban’s handbook”; I gave a lecture within the framework of the NIAS Seminar Series entitled “Kushyar ibn Labban’s place in Iranian astronomy” and I published an edition of the Arabic text with English translation and commentary of an interesting and useful chapter of Book III of Kushyar’s al-Zij al-Jami’ containing a glossary of astronomy: Bagheri, M., Kushyar ibn Labban’s Glossary of Astronomy, SCIAMVS, vol. 7 (2006), pp. 145-174.