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Badenoch, A.W.

Badenoch, A.W.

Alec Ward Badenoch, born in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, in 1971. Ph.D. from the University of Southampton. Assistant Professor in Media and Cultural Studies at Utrecht University.

Fellow (1 September 2010 – 30 June 2011)


As part of the “Inventing Europe” Theme Group at NIAS, I have been designing and assembling an online virtual exhibit, Inventing Europe that brings the findings of the Making Europe book series into dialogue with the collections of cultural heritage institutions throughout Europe. The exhibit features 36 stories about how the transnational circulation of technology has shaped Europe as a both geographical and ideological entity, covering topics from sewing machines to weather maps. The exhibit will also allow users to create new paths, and explore themes and objects further on the websites of our contributing partners or the European digital library Europeana. In August 2011, the exhibit www.inventingeurope.eu will be presented publicly for the first time at the ICOHTEC conference in Glasgow. In addition, I have been pursuing research in media history and have prepared a number of articles and presentations about broadcasting and borders.

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