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Oksana Starshova 1

Oksana Starshova

Safe Haven Fellowship

Project title

Real and Imagined Spaces of New York in Migration Literature

Research question

The project focuses on the migration literature set in New York in the last two decades. What image of the city appears as a result of the fusion of the physical places and their myths created in a migrant's mind? Which places become meaningful for a human in transition between cultures, locations, and languages? What are their fictional representations?

Project description

New York is a very specific city that creates its own unique ambiance and at the same time relates to the whole of American culture and history. It is the entry point, the crossroads of civilizations, the open city, the embodiment of the American dream, the city of riches and the city of poverty. Any newcomer has to finds the own place here, however this search bears on the reality of the everyday life as well as on the myths and stereotypes created by various media. In this project I am going to explore the new mythology born by the migrant’s perspective and the modes of its representation in migration narratives.


Selected publications

Cricket Playing in America: Real and Imagined Places of New York in Joseph O’Neill’s Netherland. East-West Cultural Passage. Volume 21, Issue 2, December 2021.

‘At the Crossroads of Time and Space’: New York Spaces in Vasyl Makhno’s Poetry (in Ukr.). Humanities Science Current Issues. Drohobych, 2021, Issue 39.

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