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Michael Tedja Selected as New Writer-in-Residence

Michael Tedja


Project title

A family (art) history

Research question

Are the big questions of art personal or universal?

Project description

I have always seen art as a family related concept. When I read a good book or saw a strong painting by someone I didn’t know, it felt like someone from the family to me. The poet Shrinivási was in my immediate family through my father’s side. But whether the poet Edgar Cairo was family related, I do not know. My grandfather on my mother’s side was called Adolf Cairo. The curator Okwui Enwezor was originally a poet. Was he family? I want to explore these personal and universal questions.

Selected publications

Briljante man / Tedja, Michael / 2018 / ISBN 978-90-8684-166-0 / 320 pag.

Meta is haar naam / Tedja, Michael / 2021 / ISBN 978-90-8684-221-6 / 286 pag.